27 World University Championships in 2002
FISU is proud to present its 2002 WUC with 27 events that will take place all over the world.

Tarvisio is a pleasant city with 6,000 inhabitants. It is located in the northeast of the Italian peninsula on the Austrian and Slovenian borders. Due to its geographical location and its microclimate, excellent snow conditions are guaranteed to make it ideal for winter sports. In fact, the city has a long tradition as far as winter sports are concerned. Events that go back sixty years are still taking place there. Tarvisio was even a bidding candidate to host the 2002 Winter Olympics together with Austria and Slovenia, the so-called Olympics ‘Beyond Borders’. This Universiade will cross the borders as well, since Slovenia will be hosting the ski jump competition. Sport without borders…physically and symbolically.

The Host City of the 2003 Winter Universiade can count on the enthusiasm and support of the whole Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. Furthermore, for this organization the Organizing Committee and CUSI, the Italian Student Sport Federation is fully supported by CONI, the Italian Olympic Committee and the regional government. Most of the venues required already exist and the OC has committed itself to build more.


On July 14, 2000 in Beijing, the 22nd Summer Universiade 2003 was awarded to Daegu (KOR). Korea has very solid experience in the organisation of sports events. In 1986 they held the Asian Games, in 1988 the Olympic Games, in 1997 the Winter Universiade and they are scheduled to host the Football World Cup in 2002! Along with the ten compulsory sports, Daegu proposes another three optional sports: archery, taekwondo and judo.