presidphoto.gif Dear friends,

FISU was one of the first sports federations to develop an internet site. As a University Federation we felt we had a duty to offer this service to our members and the universities to which they are linked. Today, we face the future with determination as we continue to develop this marvellous communication tool.

This site will enable you to discover a mass of information in connection with our events: results, competition reports, inspection reports, statistics, images etc. In short, all the news that is part of the daily life of a sports federation.

Our web site also contains information of a more administrative nature, such as our statutes, the regulations of our events, the history and the running of FISU, our official calendar, the contact details of our members etc.

Our aim is to make this information accessible 24 hours a day to all our collaborators and supporters around the globe.

We owe the healthy condition of our federation today to the enthusiasm of our members. We decided to repay them by developing a high performance web site.

George E. Killian, FISU President
President of FISU
The FISU house in Brussels