More Visitors at the FISU HQ
Brussels, 20/12/2002

Tarvisio, Less Than A Month To Go
Brussels, 17/12/2002

Saskatoon Bid Committee SU 2007 Withdraws Bid
Brussels, 16/12/2002

WUC JUDO: Finals and Closing Ceremony
Brussels, 16/12/2002

WUC JUDO: France and Russia Greedy
Brussels, 15/12/2002

WUC Judo: More Results
Brussels, 14/12/2002

DUOC's U Dreami Visit FISU HQ
Brussels, 13/12/2002

WUC Judo: Opening Ceremony & First Matches
Brussels, 13/12/2002

WUC Judo Kicks Off
Brussels, 12/12/2002

Visitors at the FISU HQ
Brussels, 11/12/2002

FISU President and Secretary General at EUSA General Assembly
Brussels, 11/12/2002

WUC Men's Handball Cancelled
Brussels, 10/12/2002

Monterrey Bid: More Inspections
Monterrey, 07/12/2002

WUCOC Men's Handball Online
Brussels, 06/12/2002

Evaluation Commission Visits 5th Bidding City 2007 SU
Monterrey, 06/12/2002

Draw Ice Hockey Tournament of the WU
Brussels, 05/12/2002

Inspection Visit in Tarvisio
Brussels, 03/12/2002

FISU Evaluation Commission in Poznan: More Visits
Brussels, 30/11/2002

Evaluation Commission Arrives in Poznan, bidding city for the 2007 SU
Brussels, 29/11/2002

FISU HQ: A Decade Already!
Brussels, 28/11/2002

FISU at Annual GAISF Congress
Brussels, 28/11/2002

CSU Inspection Visit Innsbrück
Brussels, 27/11/2002

Inspection Visit Evaluation Commission WU
Brussels, 26/11/2002

FISU Mourns Death of Prince Alexandre de Mérode
Brussels, 21/11/2002

President of Yugoslav NUSF Visits FISU HQ
Brussels, 19/11/2002

Debbie, the Tarvisio Mascot, Traveled to the USA
Brussels, 18/11/2002

The Athletes' Village Grows
Daegu, 13/11/2002

ISOC 2005 Visits TAR2003
Brussels, 13/11/2002

ISOC 2005 President Elected First Vice-Mayor
Brussels, 13/11/2002

Working Together for the Highest Participation
Daegu, 12/11/2002

1st WUC Floorball: Final Results
Brussels, 12/11/2002

Working meeting in Daegu
Daegu, 12/11/2002

FISU Evaluation Commission: Last Day in Bangkok
Bangkok, 10/11/2002

1st WUC Floorball: More Results
Brussels, 10/11/2002

1st WUC Floorball: Opening Ceremony
Brussels, 08/11/2002

60,000 Places for the Opening Ceremony!
Bangkok, 08/11/2002

WUC Floorball: Meetings and First Games
Brussels, 07/11/2002

Thai Prime Minister Confirms Government Support for the 2007 Universiade Bidding Committee
Bangkok, 07/11/2002

Arrival of the 2007 Universiade Evaluation Commission in Bangkok
Bangkok, 07/11/2002

International Philately Exhibition in Tarvisio
Brussels, 07/11/2002

D-300 Festivities in Daegu
Brussels, 06/11/2002

Second Day in Kaohsiung for the FISU Evaluation Commission
Kaohsiung, 06/11/2002

Inspection Visit Evaluation Commission
Kaohsiung, 05/11/2002

WUEC: Semi-Finals and Finals
Mechelen, 03/11/2002

Gold Medallist of 1st WUEC Present at 5th Edition
Mechelen, 03/11/2002

WUC Equestrian: 2nd Day of Competition
Mechelen, 01/11/2002

WUC Equestrian: First Results
Mechelen, 31/10/2002

Download the FISU Certificate of Academic Eligibility for Tarvisio 2003
Brussels, 31/10/2002

WUC Equestrian: Opening Ceremony
Mechelen, 31/10/2002

WUC Equestrian: Arrival of Delegations
Mechelen, 30/10/2002

U Dreami Contest
Brussels, 29/10/2002

WUC Floorball: Team Draw and Schedule
Brussels, 29/10/2002

Tarvisio Staff Visits FISU HQ
Brussels, 28/10/2002

FISU and IHF Presidents Meet
Brussels, 28/10/2002

Congratulatory Performance of D-300
Brussels, 24/10/2002

Testing Tarvisio
Brussels, 22/10/2002

Top-Notch Venue for WUC Judo
Brussels, 17/10/2002

WUC Floorball: Selected Teams
Brussels, 16/10/2002

Izmir 2005: A Sneak Preview
Brussels, 15/10/2002

Updated Information Pages 2003 Universiades
Brussels, 10/10/2002

ISOC 2005 HQ Opened its Doors
Brussels, 09/10/2002

CESU Member Deceased
Brussels, 08/10/2002

FISU President Receives Awards
Brussels, 04/10/2002

DUOC Present at SPORTEL Monaco
Brussels, 04/10/2002

WUC Equestrian: Inspection Visit Mechelen, Belgium
Brussels, 03/10/2002

Heads of Delegation Meeting in Tarvisio: A Success
Brussels, 30/09/2002

Enthusiast Canadians
Brussels, 30/09/2002

Heads of Delegation Arrived
Tarvisio, 27/09/2002

Inspection Team Visits Bid City 2007 Summer Universiade
Brussels, 27/09/2002

CSU Inspection in Tarvisio
Tarvisio, 26/09/2002

Chairman of FISU Legal Commission Honored
Brussels, 26/09/2002

Preparatory Meetings in Tarvisio
Tarvisio, 24/09/2002

Canada Takes Home Most Medals
Brussels, 23/09/2002

Opening Ceremony of the 2nd WUC Flat Water Canoeing
Brussels, 20/09/2002

WUC Flat Water Canoeing Starts Today
Brussels, 20/09/2002

Delegations Arriving in Bari, Italy
Brussels, 19/09/2002

Press Conference on the Eve of WUC Flat Water Canoeing in Bari, Italy
Brussels, 18/09/2002

OC Izmir 2005 Promotes Summer Universiade at Trade Fair and Online
Brussels, 17/09/2002

FISU Forum Closed
Brussels, 16/09/2002

High Caliber of Participants at WUC Chess
Brussels, 16/09/2002

President of Mongolia Opens World University Chess Championship
Brussels, 12/09/2002

Plenty of Working Sessions and Debates at the FISU Forum
Brussels, 11/09/2002

WUC Table Tennis: Final Results
Brussels, 11/09/2002

Opening Ceremony 6th FISU Forum in Cape Town, RSA
Brussels, 10/09/2002

CTI Chairman Sailing Roland Galliot Visits FISU HQ
Brussels, 10/09/2002

Chinese Domination at WUC Table Tennis Team's Competition
Brussels, 09/09/2002

Reminder: Head of Delegations Meeting in Tarvisio
Brussels, 09/09/2002

Indispensable Volunteers!
Brussels, 06/09/2002

WUC Table Tennis: Day 2 of Competitions
Brussels, 06/09/2002

WUC Table Tennis: Opening Ceremony & First Day of Competitions
Brussels, 05/09/2002

WUC Table Tennis: Meetings Precede Competitions
Brussels, 04/09/2002

WUC Sailing Cancelled
Brussels, 03/09/2002

WUC Wildwater Canoeing Program Available
Brussels, 03/09/2002

WUC Table Tennis: Arrival & Accreditation of Delegations
Brussels, 03/09/2002

WUC Futsal: Final Results & Closing Ceremony
Brussels, 02/09/2002

WUC Futsal: Day 5
Brussels, 30/08/2002

DPR Korea Formally Invited to Daegu Universiade
Brussels, 30/08/2002

WUC Chess and Table Tennis Next
Brussels, 29/08/2002

WUC Futsal: Results Day 3 & Schedule 2nd Round
Brussels, 28/08/2002

WUC Orienteering: More Results
Brussels, 28/08/2002

WUC Futsal: More Game Results
Brussels, 27/08/2002

WUC Orienteering: Final Results
Brussels, 27/08/2002

WUC Futsal: First Results
Brussels, 26/08/2002

Opening Ceremony WUC Futsal
Brussels, 26/08/2002

Germany Amasses Most Medals at WUC Rowing
Brussels, 26/08/2002

WUC Karate Update
Brussels, 26/08/2002

WUC Karate in Puebla, Mexico: First Medals
Brussels, 23/08/2002

Program Heads of Delegations' Visit in Tarvisio Online
Brussels, 22/08/2002

Searching for 70 Horses
Brussels, 22/08/2002

Puebla Ready for Karate!
Brussels, 21/08/2002

WUC Sport Shooting Cancelled Due to Flooding
Brussels, 20/08/2002

WUC Futsal: Schedule Preliminary Round Available
Brussels, 20/08/2002

Working Visit in Tarvisio
Brussels, 19/08/2002

Squash Dominated by Egyptians
Brussels, 19/08/2002

A first for Japan
9th World University Golf Championship, Taoyuan
Brussels, 14/08/2002

Denmark wins the title
1st World University Bridge Championship, Bruges
Brussels, 14/08/2002

Cuba, World University Champion!
1st World University Baseball championship, Messina
Brussels, 12/08/2002

9th World University Championship, Tao-yuan, is open!
Brussels, 12/08/2002

Play!, 4th University Squash Championship, Linz, Austria
Brussels, 12/08/2002

Double Czech Victory!, 6th World University Triathlon Championship
Brussels, 12/08/2002

Welcome in Bruges, 1st World University Bridge Championship
Brussels, 06/08/2002

Action! 1st World University Baseball Championship
Brussels, 06/08/2002

NOC Qatar visits FISU HQ
Brussels, 30/07/2002

Many International and Italian Sport Guests at Baseball Opening Ceremony
Brussels, 29/07/2002

Futsal: team draw
Brussels, 23/07/2002

Preparations WUC Chess on Track
Brussels, 18/07/2002

Excellent WUC Archery in Thailand
Brussels, 17/07/2002

FISU Press Conference in Daegu
Daegu, 13/07/2002

Executive Committee Meeting in Daegu - Day 3
Daegu, 13/07/2002

FISU Family Farewell Dinner
Daegu, 12/07/2002

FISU Executive Committee Meeting at Daegu - Day 2
Daegu, 12/07/2002

Official Invitation Ceremony
Daegu, 11/07/2002

Welcoming Reception in Honor of the FISU Executive Committee
Daegu, 11/07/2002

First Day of the FISU Executive Commission Meeting in Daegu
Daegu, 11/07/2002

Lots of Action in Daegu
Daegu, 10/07/2002

British Victorious at 1st WUC Match Racing
Daegu, 09/07/2002

CTI Meeting in Daegu
Daegu, 09/07/2002

FISU President Arrives in Daegu
Daegu, 08/07/2002

Executive Committee Meeting and CTI Meeting in Daegu
Daegu, 08/07/2002

Great Britain and Russia Lead WUC Match Racing
Brussels, 05/07/2002

Romania Beats Spain in the Gold Medal Game at WUC Women's Handball
Brussels, 05/07/2002

Women Impress at WUC Wrestling
Brussels, 04/07/2002

Bronze Medal Game Women's Handball: Japan vs. Czech Republic
Brussels, 03/07/2002

WUC Match Racing: Another First
Brussels, 02/07/2002

2002 WUC Golf Online
Brussels, 02/07/2002

Heads of Delegation Visit in Tarvisio
Brussels, 02/07/2002

WUC Equestrian Program Released
Brussels, 01/07/2002

Indispensable Volunteers
Brussels, 01/07/2002

More Game Reports from WUC Handball
Brussels, 01/07/2002

Summer Universiade Participant 1st NBA Draft Pick
Brussels, 28/06/2002

WUC Women's Handball: 3rd Day of Play Results
Brussels, 28/06/2002

Spanish Dignitaries welcome FISU and WUC Officials
Brussels, 28/06/2002

Romania Beats Mexico
Brussels, 27/06/2002

Host Country Spain Defeats Moldova
Brussels, 27/06/2002

Round-Up WUC Wrestling in Edmonton
Edmonton, 26/06/2002

China and Czech Republic Draw at Opening Game
Brussels, 26/06/2002

Opening Ceremony Women's Handball
Brussels, 26/06/2002

Women's Handball Kicks Off
Brussels, 25/06/2002

Iranians, Chinese & Turks Dominate Greco Roman
Edmonton, 25/06/2002

Germany and USA Victorious at Inaugural WUC Beach Volley
Brussels, 25/06/2002

Wrestling in Full Progress
Edmonton, 24/06/2002

Thrillers on the Beach
Brussels, 24/06/2002

WUC Beachvolley: Successful Opening Day
Brussels, 21/06/2002

Edmonton is Ready!
Edmonton, 21/06/2002

WUC Beachvolley Opens in Splendor
Brussels, 20/06/2002

Wrestling Teams Arriving
Brussels, 20/06/2002

Relive the 2002 WUC Taekwondo with Pictures
Brussels, 19/06/2002

WUC Wrestling: First Team Has Arrived
Brussels, 19/06/2002

Last Results of WUC Taekwondo
Brussels, 19/06/2002

2005 WU Organizing Committee Legally Constituted
Brussels, 18/06/2002

More Results of WUC Taekwondo
Brussels, 17/06/2002

11 Teams to the Ball Park
Brussels, 17/06/2002

Inspection Visit Tarvisio
Brussels, 14/06/2002

First Results of WUC Taekwondo
Brussels, 13/06/2002

2004 WUCOC Rowing Meets
Brussels, 12/06/2002

One More Day Before WUC Taekwondo Kicks Off
Brussels, 11/06/2002

ITTF Officials Visit FISU HQ
Brussels, 10/06/2002

Legal Commission Meets at FISU HQ
Brussels, 07/06/2002

Future Universiade Venue Welcomes FIFA World Cup
Brussels, 06/06/2002

2002 WUC Archery Online
Brussels, 05/06/2002

Venue for the 2004 WUC Rowing
Brussels, 04/06/2002

Honor Roll Archives Updated
Brussels, 31/05/2002

Info on FISU Ski Commission Online at
Brussels, 30/05/2002

2003 & 2005 WUOC Representatives visit FISU HQ
Brussels, 28/05/2002

20 Entries already for WUC Flatwater Canoeing
Brussels, 24/05/2002

FASU General Assembly, Last Day
Abuja, 23/05/2002

FASU General Assembly, 2nd Working Day
Abuja, 22/05/2002

FASU General Assembly Opened
Abuja, 21/05/2002

FISU Present at FASU General Assembly
Brussels, 17/05/2002

CIS International Launches New Website
Brussels, 17/05/2002

Program and Website WUC Karate Online
Brussels, 16/05/2002

Former Winter Universiade Host Bidding for Winter Olympics
Brussels, 15/05/2002

Program WUC Futsal Available
Brussels, 13/05/2002

FISU Winter Committee Meets in Bojnice, Slovakia
Brussels, 08/05/2002

Inspection Visit in Daegu - Day 2
Daegu, 07/05/2002

Inspection Visit in Daegu - Day 1
Daegu, 06/05/2002

OC of WUC Judo Renewed Its Website
Brussels, 06/05/2002

WUC Beachvolleyball Program Available
Brussels, 02/05/2002

SASSU Elects New NEC
Brussels, 30/04/2002

New E-Mail Address for OC of 2005 Winter Universiade
Brussels, 29/04/2002

WUC Bridge in the 2002 Cultural Capital of Europe
Brussels, 26/04/2002

President NUSF Russia re-elected
Brussels, 24/04/2002

Former Universiade Star Fastest in London Marathon
Brussels, 23/04/2002

Successful Seminar
Brussels, 22/04/2002

FISU Seminar in Ostend, Belgium - Day 3: The CT Chairman & the FISU Media Dept.
Ostend, 20/04/2002

FISU Seminar in Ostend, Belgium - Day 2: The Commission for Sports Regulations Meeting
Ostend, 19/04/2002

FISU Seminar in Ostend, Belgium - Day 2: Medical Commission Meeting
Ostend, 19/04/2002

FISU Seminar in Ostend, Belgium - Day 2: CTI Meeting
Ostend, 19/04/2002

FISU Seminar in Ostend, Belgium
Ostend, 18/04/2002

An Excellent First!
Brussels, 16/04/2002

Report Inspection Visit 2002 WUC Sailing Venue, Hungary
Brussels, 15/04/2002

Former FISU Athletes Win More Medals!
Brussels, 11/04/2002

13th World University Cross Country Championship 2002
Brussels, 08/04/2002

Program of 7th WUC Badminton Available
Brussels, 05/04/2002

Program Details of 2002 WUC Judo
Brussels, 04/04/2002

Only a Matter of Days…
Brussels, 03/04/2002

Former Universiade Athletes Win Medals at Biathlon World Cup
Brussels, 29/03/2002

FISU's 1st Secretary-General Passed Away - 4.08.1911 - 23.03.2002
Brussels, 28/03/2002

Collector's Item for Philatelists
Brussels, 26/03/2002

Another Gold Medal for a Former Universiade Participant
Brussels, 25/03/2002

14th WUC Table Tennis in Wroclaw, Poland
Brussels, 22/03/2002

Former Universiade Participants Continue Medal Hunt
Brussels, 21/03/2002

Former Universiade Participant Does it Again!
Brussels, 20/03/2002

Dates 4th WUC Wildwater Canoeing Fixed
Brussels, 18/03/2002

Another First
Brussels, 14/03/2002

Paddling to Bari, Italy
Brussels, 13/03/2002

Successful Promotion of the 2002 WUC Cross-Country
Brussels, 11/03/2002

Former Universiade Participants Take 16 Medals at 27th EICHA
Brussels, 08/03/2002

Exactly One More Month to Go
Brussels, 07/03/2002

WUC Baseball On Line
Brussels, 05/03/2002

WUC Floorball On Line
Brussels, 04/03/2002

First Entries for the 2003 Winter Universiade
Brussels, 01/03/2002

WUC Futsal On Line
Brussels, 27/02/2002

WUC Chess On Line
Brussels, 26/02/2002

Olympic Medal Round Up of Former Universiade Participants
Brussels, 25/02/2002

More Medals at WO for Former Universiade Participants
Brussels, 22/02/2002

2002 WUC Badminton in Krakow, Poland On Line
Brussels, 21/02/2002

Former Universiade Participants Winning Olympic Medals in SLC
Brussels, 19/02/2002

Former Universiade Participants Winning Olympic Medals in SLC
Brussels, 19/02/2002

Universiade Participants on the Olympic Snow: an Update
Brussels, 18/02/2002

Universiade Participants on the Olympic Ice: an Update
Brussels, 18/02/2002

How Are They Doing So Far on the Olympic Snow?
Brussels, 13/02/2002

How Are They Doing So Far on the Olympic Ice?
Brussels, 13/02/2002

Winter Universiade Participants in Winter Olympics
Brussels, 13/02/2002

Promotional Days WUC Cross-Country, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Brussels, 12/02/2002

FISU President at Opening Ceremony Winter Olympics
Brussels, 08/02/2002

Inspection Visit WUC Bridge Venue, Bruges, Belgium
Brussels, 08/02/2002

FISU Representatives at Seminar in Bolivia
Brussels, 08/02/2002

2002 WUC Orienteering in Varna, Bulgaria
Brussels, 08/02/2002

2002 WUC Taekwondo in Berkeley, California
Brussels, 05/02/2002

5th WUC Wrestling Edmonton
Brussels, 04/02/2002

Website WUC Squash 2002
Brussels, 01/02/2002

Program 2002 WUC Rowing Fixed
Brussels, 31/01/2002

CIAU Renames Itself CIS
Brussels, 30/01/2002

Dates of the WUC Golf 2002 Have Changed
Brussels, 29/01/2002

Bid Committee Saskatoon at FISU HQ
Brussels, 28/01/2002

Inspection Visit Baseball
Brussels, 25/01/2002

FISU Treasurer Receives Royal Order of Sport Merit
Brussels, 24/01/2002

General Rehearsal for Santiago de Compostela
Brussels, 23/01/2002

FISU Forum 2002
Brussels, 22/01/2002

DVD Release of the 21st Summer Universiade
Brussels, 17/01/2002

FISU Staff Back in HQ
Brussels, 14/01/2002

Press Conference in Udine
Tarvisio, 12/01/2002

New WUC’s Attributed for 2004
Tarvisio, 11/01/2002

Ciao 'Pillo'!
Tarvisio, 11/01/2002

CSU Meeting
Tarvisio, 11/01/2002

More Meetings in Tarvisio
Tarvisio, 10/01/2002

Tarvisio CTI Meeting
Tarvisio, 09/01/2002

FISU Meetings in Tarvisio
Brussels, 07/01/2002

WUC Match Racing Program Fixed
Brussels, 04/01/2002

OC Unveils WUC Archery Mascot and Competition Schedule
Brussels, 03/01/2002